At Least I Can Laugh At Myself...

That is the plus side to all this. This morning was, yet again, more proof that I am clumsy. Like a bull in a china shop.

Let me paint this canvas for you. I have such a long commute to work the first thing I normally do after arriving at work is go to my desk and put my stuff down and then stop by the loo to give my face a splash of water and fix my out of control hair. So, this morning was no different than any other. I dropped my lunch box off at my desk and walked to the loo on the other side of the building.

This is the only working loo with a mirror currently in my office. They are doing construction and remodeling so everything is just disheveled here. When I open the door to go in the side of my scrub top got caught on a jagged piece of the latch to the door. Instead of me gingerly trying to unsnag myself I start violently pulling and what do you think happens?


My shirt rips. Right up the side to the bottom of my bra. I gasped. What the hell should I do? I have my Jimmy jacket at my desk left there from winter but, keep in mind I would have to walk on the other side of my building, passing tons of folk I work with with a frayed shirt, looking like I just stepped out of a bar fight or off of prostitution avenue. I decide that I will just quickly leave and go to my local Walmart to purchase another scrub top. The loo I was in was also conveniently located by the employee exit. Thankfully, this morning I took my book bag with me to the loo so I had my wallet and keys handy. I ran out to my car and called my friend from work to tell her to inform my boss what had happened. Everyone appears to know and realize that I have a hard time avoiding accidents so upon telling boss, there was massive laughter. Good to know.

Meanwhile, I arrive at Walmart. I am clutching my shirt together at the side and I immediately go for the clothing which is conveniently located at the front of the store. I grab the first item and put it under my arm, as if I'm holding it there, but really I am using it as a shield. I then walk to the scrub section and I have to rummage through the ridiculous printed scrubs ( I don't like those, hearts and looney tunes business..just give me a solid colour folks). As I am doing this a lady comes up to ask me where she can find lawn and garden. I politely told her I was not employed at Walmart. Five minutes later, two other ladies had asked me the same thing. Apparently the Waldorf Walmart allows their employees to wear California Blue scrubs to work??? I don't know. If I saw me, I wouldn't think Walmart employee. I would think..hmm, she probably works in a hospital of sorts....but oh well.

In route to the counter another lady shouts: "Excuse me" from the middle of the clothing section. Assuming she thinks I work there I just keep going. She then starts running after me and saying: "Excuse me, I am speaking to you and I need to know if you have any more of these" (holding a shirt). At this point my politeness has left. I turned and said: "I don't work here lady, back off". After finally reaching my haven up front at register I had to lose the shield shirt and clutching the side of my ripped scrubs I hand the lady my item.


Why??? Basically, I explained that I had a bit of bad luck that morning so could she just help me out. She quickly rang me up as $15.00. Works for me.

Thankfully, upon changing in the bathroom and leaving to go back to work I had no incidents. Alas, the day is young.


The Mrs. June 25, 2009 at 1:18 PM  

jesus penny, days like that take the hint and just hid in a closet till dark!

hope your day improved.

B June 26, 2009 at 1:41 PM  

Eeeep! I would of kicked that lady in the shin and ran away. ;)

Hope things got better!

The Bumbles June 26, 2009 at 9:08 PM  

People always think I work at stores. They also always stop me at intersections and ask me for directions. I must have a friendly, knowing face. I never know where I'm going much less how to direct someone to their location. And I have even less knowledge of stores - I hate shopping. Especially WalMart. Congrats on surviving the disastrous start to your day!

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