And The Award Goes To.....

These need to be given out. It has been a day folks...
NOTE: Pictures and names are pseudo and random in order to protect privacy.
Here it Goes.


The Award for the Best Heads Up of the Year goes to.....................

My favourite man with a Ph.D.
Smithers <3

Good looking out my friend. ps. I bought him this exact action figure for his desk, only with a stethoscope :)

And the award for Who Does That? Goes to:

My courier. He is like 57 years old and still pisses on my work bathroom seat. Seriously guy..lift the seat. Or better yet, explain how,with 55 years of experience you manage to still NOT get the stream into the bowl without hitting the seat.

The Award for Most Random Thing Found Saran Wrapped in My Work Kitchen goes to:

One single hot dog-individually wrapped
One single bun- individually wrapped
A cheese stick-wrapped
Three packages of mustard-sadly, not wrapped
Three cucumbers. Unsliced or peeled- Individually wrapped.

Owner: Unknown

*cucumbers not pictured.

The Award for Funniest Reason For Coming to See the Doctor THIS Week:

"Squid juice in eye"

And last but not least important.........

The Award for Biggest Jackhole goes to:

The patient who told me that I talk to much and he just has one question he needs answered and if I ever shut up he could ask it.

Thanks For Playing Folks.


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