.."You Know I'm Thinking of You.."

I am sick today. I take zyrtec everyday. I am one of those "Paul Pfieffer" (Wonder Years Reference...if you don't get it..you don't get it) types..allergic to all outside living organisms. The pollen and Bull Shit count have been elevated as of recent so naturally it has finally overcome. Last night during my run/workout I started feeling ridiculously sluggish and my head felt like I had one of those fever headaches. I was so fatigued last night. I mean, normally, yes, I am fatigued after running and working out for over an hour but not like this. It's a good, strong fatigue that I look forward to. This was that sick, I-just-don't-want-to-do-anything-but-lay-here-and-die-tiredness. I managed to make it in to work today, late, but I'm here. My lovelies at work have been baby-ing me. KC made me some amazing coffee, Snack got me a cold compress, Amber has looked in on me a few times and James has been liberal with hugs.

So even in my sickness I am able to be so very thankful for all of these people in my life that I am so lucky to have. Each one, I can honestly say, knows the true me and they love me enough to stick around through anything :)

Blog title: The Cautioners lyrics by Jim Adkins


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