WTF Moment...

People who read over your shoulder.
wtf people?? Here it Goes:

I don't get this. I think people are generally nosey individuals. I don't feel that I am. I just honestly don't give an eff what you are doing and/or talking about. I feel that if you wanted to tell me something then you most likely, will. Until then, I don't care. I guess this is why people have stopped asking me for inner office information. I never know the good word folks. Ever. I just don't care. Seriously. I have so much going on with myself to worry about on a daily basis I really don't want someone else's shit. You know?

Today, I was typing an email to an out of state friend. I had about four sentences complete and my email setup defaults to save the original persons email when replying. So on my screen you could see the email he sent to me and then you could see the beginnings of my email to him. An office-mate came in to ask a question. I didn't minimize because I assumed that I am really not that interesting to begin with AND who goes about reading peoples emails anyway so I left it up. I turned around to face her, look at her while she was speaking to me and she asked her question but her voice started trailing off mid-sentence. I was confused as to why and then it dawn on me. Bitch was reading my email!! When I realized it I said: "Hey A.D.D. whats the question again?"
She appeared to be embarrassed..yeah, guess you didn't think I knew you were all up in my email...

She nervously laughed and then started her question again but got lost mid-sentence again.

Again, I say: WTF people??? At least try to be discrete about it. I know what you're doing. I'm not a moron. Unlike you. I mean what do you gain from this anyway? A little more focus on yourself will probably do you a world of good. Way more good than reading about my night last night and what I am doing over the weekend.

Seriously, Mind your manners folks and I will mind mine. Thanks <3


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