Somebodies Got a Case of The MooonnDays...

Wowzas..What a Monday!
Number One/A: There is no Manic Monday prompt this morning so I am feeling a little off kilter.

Number Two/B: My buddy is absent from work.

Number Three/C: My weekly appointment is moved to tomorrow. Change makes me anxious.

Number Four/D: I came in and some gals from up front began implementing the whole "We are going to use the only scanner in this whole GI-MONGOUS office-which is strategically placed at your desk". This means I have to pack up all my shit and find an empty space to work at. A desk that is not currently being occupied by one of my lover-ly co-workers. This sucks because I have to pack the following items in order to function properly:
1/a: Ipod (yes, I list it first. It's true)
2/b: TI-83 (if you don't know what this is you should.
3/c: Bank Bags and collected Money and payments.
4/d: All tickets from Friday
5/e: paperclips
6/f: stapler
7/g: scrap paper/stickies
8/h: For Deposit Only stampie
9/i: Deposit slips
10/j: File folders for organization
11/k: pens one black ink, one red ink
12/l: rubber fingertip
13/m: mobile phone
14/n: My In-Box for organizing
15/o: Fast coders for medical coding
16/p: White out
17/q: coffee in my Barack Obama 711 special edition coffee cup

18/r: my custom Jim Adkins desktop background....yeah, so what?? It's comforting..

Yuppers, I think this sums it up. I have found an empty spot in this old abandoned lab that they are eventually going to do construction on, next to a high traffic employee loo. It's a computer that is on a shelf, with an really uncomfortable chair and is surrounded with boxes and abandoned junk that no one has gotten around to throwing away. The other really, really, really shitty part. (sorry, needed to emphasize that point) I do not have an effin printer in my little cub space. When this place was operational a printer was installed on this side. So now, I get to walk around and beg folk to let me quickly print all my reports for the day...God forbid I need to correct a number (ha ha..yeah, this NEVER happens in accounts *sarcastic*) because then I will need a reprint and thus begins the madness again!

The only plus side to this whole clusterfuck is that it is dark over here and no one really speaks to me and I don't have to concentrate so hard on blocking out the operator chatter. With this said: I think I may grow to like it here.

And P.s.
I totally changed this desktop background to my lovely :) I will switch it back when I leave <3


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