Patients Say The Darndest Things!

So I just a marriage proposal and the most bizarre reason that a patient would come in to the doctors. From time to time I will put up a funny reason for patients coming in to see the doctor. I posted a whole list of them HERE back in February. So for additions I just give the winner their own post.

Today I came across this reason: *I did NOT alter this in anyway. All words are taken directly from the fee ticket.

"patient believes she has vertigo caused by 3D movie"


Another funny patient story: When speaking to an older gentleman patient about his account and payments. He was pretty witty but I kept up with him and I was incredibly charming myself, I must say. After our converstaion he said this:

Patient: " What is your name darling?"

Me: Penny, like the money.

Patient: Well Penny, I don't normally thank people when I have to pay them but you are a sweet heart. So thank you.

Me: Well thank you. I try but it comes naturally.

Patient: *laughs* You know, I like you Penny. If my wife ever breaks up with me consider me and you pre-engaged!

Me: Well, it appears you can pay your own bills, so consider it a deal!

So watch out fellas, I got a new man :) ha ha


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