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Top 5 artists/albums/songs etc that you wouldn't have known if not for a friend. (This can be a combination of all three if you'd like)

Taylor Swift
An office mate would always sing her stuff. I am not a big fan of country music so I would have never got into her stuff. I decided to download a song or two and try it out after the office mate drilled Teardrops On My Guitar into my head. I ended up loving the songs and purchased the whole album and am now a fan.

Kings of Leon

I hate big mainstream Gruffy Rock bands. ie, Creed, Nickleback, Papa Roach, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, Daughtry, pretty much any band that has a lead singer that has a voice that sounds as if he has just gotten over a bad case of the bronchitis. In my humble opinion the songs all sound the same..mainstream, played out and trashy. These bands/songs are just not for me. I lumped Kings of Leon into this group without really giving them a chance. Amber, at work, kept talking of them and kept singing Sex on Fire. Then I found a week a later two other special people in my life were also singing the same song. So I gave in and tried it out. I can only say that I have only listened to two songs from these boys but I do like them. So, long story now short-Thank you Amber.
AND, P.s., By the way: The lead singer, Caleb, is crazy gorgeous. Don't believe me? Look him up..Caleb Followill. Flickr it folks.

Vampire Weekend-

A few choice people pointed me in the direction of this band and I ended up really taking a liking to them.

Frightened Rabbit-The Midnight Organ Fight album
I have said this before. It was talked up quite a bit so I tried it out. I love, love, love everything about it.


A friend from the Jimmy board kept pushing these guys on me a few years ago. I am a lyric person and their lyrics are pretty amazing. After a lot of peer pressure I saw past the mainstream, played out Somewhere Only We Know and gave them a chance. One of my top ten favourite bands now. Thanks Christopher <3


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