Music Memoir! Five on Friday!

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Five on Friday topic is

Five Unique Voices

So you know whats coming right??
Jim Adkins

He has this whine/angelic/heartfelt/amazing voice that just touches my soul with each song. Also, the little whine/crack in his voice is incredibly adorable.

Fran Healy of Travis

His voice is so powerful but you wouldn't think it by looking at him. His range can go from so soft and melodic to this insane vocals that only he would sound right singing.

Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit

His voice is so hard to describe. It's just amazing. Check this band out if you have not already.

Jack White

I find that Jack White is an acquired taste. His voice would be hard to describe as "pretty". It's definitely unique and I definitely like it.

Joss Stone

It is filled with such soul and emotion. I love her music.


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