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Tuesday Tunes: Week 80
Music and Travel

What music format do you take when you roadtrip and why? (CD, mp3 etc) I only just recently started taking full advantage of my ipod. I was rocking Music Match to organize songs and make mix cds until it just exploded one day and nothing I did would fix it. Now with the forced change I am in love, love, love with my ipod! I can't go anywhere without it. The playlist feature is amazing. I have removed ALL cds from my car and my cd player from work. My ipod is amazing. Seriously. So yes, to end this long windedness, I do create playlists for road trips. You have to :)

Do you ever make special mixes or playlists just for your trip? I do this all the time. When going to gigs, traveling to Philly to see Jim e.w. and even just to go hang out with KC. Any day of driving and just hanging out requires a playlist.

Have you ever associated a certain album or band with a trip you made? Clarity by Jimmy Eat World reminds me of driving down Route 234 and taking pictures in the sunlight. Third Eye Blind reminds me of KC and my first and only adventure around Southern Maryland to take pictures. I also have a random mixture of Jimmy songs that was used to go to Philly to see them play. I am sure there are tons more but they escape me at the moment.


Ten on Tuesday

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On keeping with the music theme:
10 Awesome Bands. *i love, love, love this topic*

1. this even a question?? JIMMY EAT WORLD <3

2. Frightened Rabbit

3. Travis


5. Keane

6. The Format

7. Reuben's Accomplice

8. Hole

9. Iron & Wine

10. My Chemical Romance


An Eerie Tapestry May 5, 2009 at 1:15 PM  

Yeah, iPods are great, though I've never really used the playlist feature beyond creating a few On The Go playlists. I'll have to try it sometime and see what it can do.

As for your awesome bands, I'm quite pleased with myself that I've heard of 40% of them. I really should listen to something by Jimmy Eat World sometime; I get the impression from your blog that they're a tad good.

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