"You Will Be Safe In Here.."

I am so very clumsy. I never thought so until as of late when a friend (*cough, cough* KC) started pointing out my faults as they happened. Now that I aware, I am pretty freaking clumsy. It is actually redick how clumsy I am. I feel like an accident waiting to happen. I see situations and I just know they have bad news written all over them. I get so very frustrated by my clumsiness as well but how does one remedy this?

Some examples are in order. From this week:
I stopped at 711 on the way home from work. It was chilly and rainy so I was feeling a 16 oz coffee and some peanut M&M's. I park on the side of the building. Walk in to 711 and wipe my feet with haste on the rug at the entrance. First step onto the tile: WHOA...slip..I did not fall but I slipped. I heart my New Balance Shoes. They are incredibly comfortable and insanely cute and stylish but they SUCK at tread. I am always slipping about and that is not good for someone who already has issues standing without falling.

After my slipping incident I proceed to get coffee unscathed. I pay and walk to my car. I run into the door frame on the door on the way out (no particular reason..I am just clumsy) just as I hit my car remote to unlock I drop my wallet and my M&M's in a large puddle. I gasped and retrieved them quickly and went on drying them with napkins from my glove box. After drying I went back to the drivers side to enter my car and hit my head on the door while sitting. After sitting I took a sip of coffee. My lid was not on properly. I felt an intense burning sensation on my chest. I look down and I had spilled some coffee there. Madness.

Yesterday I found a large bug in my kitchen. I picked it up in a napkin to dispose of it and it moved. I screamed and dropped it and then proceeded to put it in the trash bin. About five minutes later I found said bug crawling up the side of the bin! I was terrified so I took the liner outside to the outside trash bins. Upon stepping onto my side porch I slipped (again with the New Balance). My left leg slipped forward throwing me into the porch railing.

Today, while talking to KC I went to lay my head on her door frame and was moving a little too quick and ended up banging my head! As she was laughing I came over to give her a smack for doing so and tripped on her feet.

Who knows what the weekend will bring...Stay tuned.


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