"You Set My Soul Alight.."

Today I am super, super excited! After work I get to go meet the pups! A few weeks ago I blogged about possibly getting a German Shep pup and my lovely KC knows someone with some GS pups! We have just finalized the plans and it is set in motion for me to meet the Mommy, Daddy and the pups! I think I am way more excited to meet Daddy pup. I have seen pictures and he is amazing..so very tall and proud. I can't wait to give him a kiss on the nose!! Yay!

The downside of the day: WORK.
I have to complain for a few. Here it goes:

*We have an All-Call Meeting. Not sure what this is about. Again, no one tells me anything. My office is directly next to the boss and I am still the last to hear about things. I don't think a lot of folk knew about this but the superiors are acting as if we should have just known. If I could read minds I wouldn't be working here.

*Today is a pot luck. I hate the pot lucks here. I used to throw one every other month with themes and craziness but people just got hateful about it. Now they do them randomly but the only problem..I am on WW and I don't like waste my points and hard work on pot luck stuff. You get chips, dip, chips, cupcakes, cake, chips, cookies, salsa, chips...did I say chips? Yeah, have not had a "normal" chip that doesn't come in an 100 Calorie snack pack in about seven months. I can't give in now! The last pot luck was for a random lady in receptions birthday. I did not participate in because I had made a special order batch of strawberry cupcakes the day prior for my co-pilot's date of birth (who was NOT included in this other date of birth pot luck..kind of hateful huh?). Everyone had a fit and I was the talk of the town for being bitchy and not bringing something..How Dare I!! The lady in charge of this pot luck has even gone so far as to not include me on the list/sign up sheet and brought it to my attention that this pot luck wasn't dedicated to anyone in particular so I didn't have to worry about that. I don't want to be deliberately hateful so I brought in some soda and CHIPS!!!! That I will not eat or drink.

*Lastly, I received a call from our IT man. He informed me that he had to install some new software on my computer because when we finally get our EMR (electronic medical record) he was told that I would be in charge of all scanning and organizing of documentations since I am our resident IT. Again, sit right next door to the boss, still the last to know. This is all news to me! I don't know how in the wide world of sports I will have time for that, or why I would be the chosen one of this task, and/or why, for love of Ray J, no one has informed me of these new duties yet!! Arrrgggghhh..

Okay...breathe....and think of German Shep pups! Ooooo I can't wait!



B April 9, 2009 at 11:29 AM  

This is just getting weird... we seem to have much in common.

We, too, are having a potluck at work today. I declined to participant but I explained my WW needs/goals and that I'm spending my lunch at the gym. I also told them that since I didn't bring anything I won't be eating any of the food either. They seemed very understanding...

Yay for pups! I want a full report!

PennyLane April 9, 2009 at 11:39 AM  

ha ha..wow! That is nuts!
Pot luck thursday!
Everyone knows about my WW stuff and I won't eat their stuff but they are still hateful. I just work with bitchy girls. A whole office full of them! ha ha.

I will be taking pics of pups!

B April 9, 2009 at 5:33 PM  


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