Who Invited You??

"Jocks like him always want freaky girls. Girls with horn-rimmed glasses and vegan footwear and Goth makeup. Girls who play the cello and wear Converse All-Stars and want to be children’s librarians when they grow up. Oh yeah, jocks totally eat that shit up. They just won’t admit it because they’re supposed to be into perfect cheerleaders"

This totally reminds me of my Hubs. He is your regular preppy-khaki and a polo, beach vacation, golf playing, tennis and soccer coach-guy. I don't think he owns a black t shirt.

Me? I am a funny t shirt, retro styled, tattooed, horn rimmed glasses, cherry cola highlights, guitar playing kind of gal. To me I think its sometimes odd to see us together because we appear to be so different. In fact, we have very similar personalities but if you are judging a book by its cover-which most do- it appears that we are opposites.

I say this because, well, this Saturday I am going to prom! It is my first prom. I never attended functions when I was in high school. We are stopping by, not chaperoning, so hubs can see his students. This is the first year he has consecutively remained at a school for four years in a row. So students attending prom he would have had in ninth grade and up. So this equates to about a half hour to an hour long visit. Shiny, glittery, bedazzled prom gowns are NOT me. At all. The dress I ended up finding and falling in love with is like a vintage style or a party dress type thing with skulls on the bottom. I had to wait before purchase because I needed to find out if this tea length would be chaperone/teacher appropriate for stopping by. I received the "go ahead" yesterday so I went to try it on and purchase it . I will be wearing these darling shoes:

I have a funny story to my shopping excursion I will share :

So while trying on said dress yesterday the sales lady was very lovely. She offered to give her opinion since I was shopping solo and if I needed anything or had any questions to let her know. So I took the dress in to the dressing room. It took me forever to figure out how to put it on because it has these weird strappy things and then the little shirt is sewn onto the dress so you have to confondle (totally just made that up) your arms into that and the zippy is on the side and I was SO confused! After ten minutes, I got the thing on. I wanted to see it without my shoes ( White and Black NB tennis shoes..not flattering with a dress) so I had to get those guys off..then I snapped a pic with my camera phone of me in the dress to send off for opinions. After this I dressed in my regular clothes. As soon as I put my scrub top back on I was then trying to figure out the strappys on the dress in order to get it back on the damn hanger..another process. Here comes "Nicey Sales Lady". She bangs on the door and asks if I'm okay.

Ummmm, Yes. Thank you.
Then she asks if I need any help.
Ummmm, No.
Then she opens the door! To MY dressing room!! Is this normal?? Who does this?
I have personal space issues. That was not an open offer to come on in and hang out! What if I was in my knickers??
Who invited you ass clown?!!
I was slightly taken aback. Hmm...maybe I'm just old fashioned but I do not like to undress/dress in front of strangers. Sales lady or not. :)


B April 28, 2009 at 1:29 PM  

I want to see pictures!



PennyLane April 28, 2009 at 1:37 PM  

ha ha ha..I need that on a shirt :)

I will def. take pics! I wonder if we could get our pic taken there..like the students. :)

B April 28, 2009 at 2:08 PM  

How great would that be? Try it!

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