try to remember this...

in the midst of chaos

i only see you
this run down place is beautiful
because you are in its space
come closer to me
who cares if they stare

Close your eyes
try to remember this
just below your ear, the bend of your neck
the warmth of your body
i breathe you in deeply
your hair blows around my face
i never want to forget this
please remember this

you intoxicate me
nothing could ever be this good
there is no where i would rather be
as long as i can breathe you in
try to remember this
i never want to forget this

the flowers start to bloom
that old place aches of you
i visit in its run down state because it holds the last piece of you i held
your memory
my memory
i wish i could remember how the touch of your hand feels
i can see it so clearly but the sensation is fading
time is an enemy that steals everything beautiful
i need a reminder but im scared ill never
if i close my eyes i go back to that moment

just below your ear, the bend of your neck
i try to breathe you in but reality wont allow it
i dont want to forget this
try to remember this


Mimi Lenox May 4, 2009 at 7:10 PM  

That took me on a sensual journey of pain and remembrance and joy. It was beautifully told....

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