"...Thats Me In The Spotlight Losing My Religion.."

Talking with Ma the past two nights and religion keeps coming up and we have different views and beliefs systems. She asked me what I had against organized religion. I thought this was funny because I don't normally share my beliefs with people because this discussion never goes anywhere productive if both parties are not open minded. By open minded I mean, NOT, that you need to compromise YOUR beliefs, but only, do not judge me for mine. Most folks don't know anything about my beliefs and I am fine with this and I am not going to spill them here on the world wide web. I just wanted to repeat some valid points that were brought up in discussion because I think they are important in life, not just religion. So keeping with the subject here goes: ( thanks for the blog topic Ma :) )

I find that today most folk in a religion have a feeling of ethnocentrism. They are the one true religion. This is fine and good if this is what makes a person happy and able to function normally. I just don't understand this whole concept of: you need to switch jerseys in order to play for the right team mentality. I think society as a whole has not gotten over this and it amazes me. Jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, they all have different schools of thought. Does this make their particular thought pattern wrong? NO! If I don't believe Jesus was the messiah and I celebrate passover doesn't mean I am going to eternal hell! If I don't even believe in hell how can I very well go there?

If one is strong in their faith why would it even bother you so that someone else has a different belief system? Again, your belief isn't compromised by another person, completely separate from yourself, having a different belief. This belief doesn't make that person wrong or crazy. This goes for anything really but I think its more prevalent in religion. Who cares if I wear socks over top of my shoes on Tuesdays and Wednesday. Maybe strange to you but if that's How I do..then you know what? That's How I Do! If I am happy and you are happy who cares? Just because we are different doesn't make one of us weird/crazy/abnormal. We are just different. Everyone is.

Regardless of any of these schools of thought I would just like to see a general consensus of the thought if you are happy and it works for you then I am happy for you! This seems like more of a thought pattern of a kind and loving God.

Just a Thought...Not a Sermon.


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