"..Such a Lovely Day.."

The show last night was amazing. Firstly, no traffic driving there and I had the most perfect driving music <3 Clarity by Jimmy e.w. We were semi-late for the opener, a band from Kansas City called Republic Tiger. They were really, really good. Most times openers end up not being my style. It's a rare thing that I want to purchase the openers music after a show. Aside---> This is actually how I found Travis. Back in 1999 I went to see Oasis play and Travis opened for them. Their set blew me away! The following day I went out and purchased The Man Who and I have been a fan ever since. Each album consistently gets better. Okay back to Republic Tiger<-- I was so very impressed by RT. They kind of sounded like a more alternative version of The Cure. I purchased their album on itunes this morning. Lead singer:

Look strikingly like someone I know?? ha ha.. Always nice.

Travis was absolutely phenomonal. Remember my set list wish list from yesterday? yeah, they played everything on it. Even Blue Flashing Light, which I was stoked about. They also played All I Want To Do Is Rock which is amazing everytime I see it live. They ended with Why Does It Always Rain on Me and a beautiful acapella version of Flowers in the Window. It made me smile :) Which made me feel like a giant goober. ha ha. I love seeing Travis. Their fans and so warm and welcoming and they are all about the music and the band really connects with the audience everytime. This show is falling into one of the greatest shows I have been to.

As far as the B & E incident, I parked in a gated parking lot behind the club. Upon exiting the club Brian observed: "Hey Penny, Your car is still here!". ha ha ha. This after asking me upon arrival if I hired an armored sniper to watch over it while I was inside. Another reason I love Brian...While driving him to the PennAve Metro, direct quote: "Make this light! If you do not make this light I will hate you. Randomly. I will just randomly hate you".

ha ha..Needless to say I made the light.

All in all, great night. I am making it through work alright as well. I had some killa coffee from kc.

blog title: flowers in the window by Travis


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