Peeve List Part Three

Okay..I am trying so hard lately to be a Positive Pammy. I just can't today. My irritation has peaked and it's getting worse as this day progresses. I have a few peeves:

Number One/A: Making Change.
I am in Accounts/ Jack of All Trades at my job. I keep a change fund for my girls up front. They collect money and often need change in five dollar bills and one dollar bills. I keep a bank of two hundred in fives and ones at all times. With the checks and balances I filter in the fives and ones so we ALWAYS have them and only twenties, tens and up go to the deposit. It's a pain in my ass to go to our bank to replenish this fund. Our bank is located on The Five..which is Waldorf Maryland = MADNESS. Plus, you go in to make change and the line is always coming out the door. This is an hour event. Usually I can change it out and it will last me for about a month and a half before I get caught into going again.

I am so peeved at co-workers who decide to go for lunch and split everything and they come to me with twenties wanting to use our company fund for change. It's not a big deal if it's one of you..but they come back and drop four twenties on my desk and say: Have at it!

Fuck off pal! I know it's a pain but prepare or go get your own freaking change. Anything in excess is bad. Four twenties is REDICK.

Number Two/B: Overuse of perfume.
Not sure why some folk feel the need to douse themselves in a scent. I wear perfume everyday. I typically put it on at my home before coming to work. My co-pilot behind me sprays it on herself all day. I have not complained. Normally it's subtle vanilla or something. Today its like French Whore'O De Toilette. It is GOD AWFUL! My tummy gets so sick with continuous strong smells. I am a very nauseous person anyway but smells just elevate it. She has sprayed herself three times today and I will say, if I need to vomit it will be in her direction.

Okay, sorry for the negativity. I had to get this off of my chest.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.


Gal Friday April 28, 2009 at 3:53 PM  

Rant away!! I find most of things that annoy me are work and shopping related(oh, and driving related, too).
I also wear perfume every day, but only apply it at home before I leave the house. And, I *think* the scents I wear are not too overpowering (wearing Oxygene today--very light and aquatic)since I usually get compliments and can't handle really strong, floral scents.
Poor you having to breathe in the fumes of the co-worker's frequently reapplied perfume all day.(who does that?)
Still, it is good to keep in mind that some people are very sensitive to any kind of perfume and I hope have never offended someone's nose with my perfume.

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