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Since my post today is relevant to Music (aren't they almost all relevant to music in some way??) I will include the Music Memoir post as well.

Today is April 7th and I am super excited because Jimmy Eat World has released their Clarity Live Digital Album! I woke up early to purchase/download it. After getting it situated I was slightly bummed that the "photo album" that was promised was Two, count them, TWO, pics and a collage of randoms. Also, the band did some tweeting (is that how I should say this??..I'm not cool enough for Twitter, really) about what the fans wanted to see in the liner notes about each song. I know Jim is not a superfan about divulging motivations behind his lyrics, he likes to leave this up to the listener, but I was excited because I was expecting something about each track. Upon viewing the Liner notes...Nada. Just a copy of the collage of random, track listing, band listing and Thank Yous. Hmmm..

I feel like I am complaining too much. Here is a disclaimer:

Please keep in mind, I am most grateful for this album. Those who know me well, know that I love, love, love Jew and I am happy they continue to make the music I love so dear. I'm just saying, the liner notes and digital photo album. Hmmpf.

To be a positive pammy right now, I will say: The album is amazing. I especially love Goodbye Sky Harbor, Clarity and No Sensitivity. There is one tiny photo in the collage of random of Jim in some venue seating = probably the most darling thing I have ever seen. ("to the left, to the left"..) Also, the boys are putting on an Encore performance from their studio ("storage"..ha ha ha) this evening and it is actually going to work out in my favor to view it. They were streaming stuff live but usually during the day, which does not work out being as I work and my work blocks all streamed media. Tonight they will be going on at 6pm-AZ time which translates to 9pm Merry land time. Radical.

So all in all, Great stuff from the band. As always <3

Here we go with:
Tuesday Tunes at Music Memoirs!
Mix CDs
Have you ever made a mix CD for someone or had one given to you? I love making mixed cds. I think they fall into that personal gift category that means so much to me. I have made too many compilations to list. If you are super special to me I usually include liner notes: Name of Band, song and the reason why I picked the song to go on your cd. I have received very few mixed cds in my day, in fact I could list who they were from because there are so few. I love, love, love getting them. I love new music and I love to see what people pick and to know why they picked it. The music is like a tiny window into their soul <3....the>

What way do you share music with friends? Mix CDs, Tapes or other means? I always do a mixed cd. When I kicked it old skool I would do mixed tapes :)

Why do you usually make a mix CD? If I connect with someone usually the conversations will turn to music. To introduce them to my style and liking-the tiny window to my soul. Also, I have done them on occasions. Themed comps to tell someone how I feel through music.

If you could make one person a mix, who would it be and why? Hmm..this is tough. Those that I have wanted to make a cd, I have. I guess I would say: Jim Adkins-with a promise to receive one he made in return. He's got great taste in music, plus he's amazing..so why the hell not??



catlady 7 April 7, 2009 at 5:26 PM  

Thank You from your brudder. I love you. Your the best sis.

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