"I've Got a Secret..See If You Can Guess.."

i hate so much posted this a few days ago: secrets, secrets are no fun…

Seemed like a great topic for the day. I don't think I have many readers, ha ha, but if you happen to be one of them and want to scam this and repost, please do :)

Here it Goes, On with the Dirt: Post Things Most People Don't Know About You!

  • I love, love, love Britney Spears and I own all of her albums. It's just good quality pop.

  • I can quite possibly act out all of the Star Wars films word for word. Giant Star Wars geek!

  • I could watch Alice in Wonderland, Bridgett Jones' Diary and/or Juno everyday for the rest of my life. Something about those films. Never gets old.

  • I don't get folks that go to tanning beds. Really? I just don't get it.

  • I have only ever had one manicure in my life. I do no fingernail maintenance, in fact my theory is: "cut them or paint them" and I am taking option one Alex. Plus, long fingernails are no bueno for guitar playing skills.

  • I've seen New Kids on the Block in concert back in the day. Donnie was my favorite.

  • I have a hard time showing flaws in myself to people I care about. I often feel like I have to be the best at what I do immediately and this is just not realistic so it's hard for me to trust someone enough to show my flaws.

  • I hate asking for help. I would rather go without.

  • I am in love with the HBO show In Treatment and wish it came on every night

  • I watch American Idol religiously.

  • I have a lightening bolt tattoo on my right inner wrist. I got this tat with two friends at the time. We all love Harry Potter and read the books together, went to the book release party, saw the movies together, so we got a tat together of his bolt. Normally people see it and don't ask what it means..but I would be totally embarrassed to admit it if they did. I think I would honestly just say: "It's a lightening bolt. What do you want from me??"

  • I recently got the jimmy eat world logo tattooed on my right inner wrist.

  • I used to not "get" texting. Now, I heart it.

  • I've seen Brad Paisly in concert more times than I care to admit..due to marital obligations..and you know what? He's actually a pretty good artist!

  • I've seen/met Hootie and the Blowfish in the double digits and attend every local show they do. Amazing band.

  • One of my most favourite foods is a plain salad: lettuce, tons of tomato's, and olives. The dressing: Olive Juice. True Story.

  • I have an unreasonable fear of slipping on wet surfaces. I usually take someones arm during these times.

I think I have divulged enough :)


catlady 7 April 15, 2009 at 8:09 PM  

you can always be yourself with me because I know your perfect no matter what LOVE TO YOU

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