If You Don't...Don't.

Oh, today, today, today. Woe is me. It has been madness. This is just a week full of mad. I was bombarded this morning with BS. After bringing a stack of files and numbers that have to be redone to my desk the operator tells me I have a call on line one. I pick up this call. It's our central billing office. There are some random payments that need to be processed. I usually take this call once a week. My billing cohort stock piles payments for me and then we have a conference call where she will give me the list. These calls take about a half hour or more. I started to take notes on the information given when I hear my name being called..once, twice..I ignore this. Then a tapping. On the shoulder. Finally I turn to see the op. She politely informs me that I have a call on line two. Ummmm.....How can I answer and speak to TWO different folks at the same time?? This is not possible.

If I were on a personal call I can understand this logic. It's a polite way of saying..Hey get off company time you have a caller. This was not the case. I just nodded at the op and went on with my call thinking she would tell the other person that I was on a conference and to call back. No. She did not. I was so frustrated I halted my conference call to pick up the other call. This person had some type of billing issue with NPI numbers and stuff I DON'T EVEN DO. This call was to go to the boss.

Not only did you interrupt me you interrupted me for BS that doesn't even belong to me! Screen the calls...don't farm them to anyone. It causes frustration with the patient and employee and it makes the company look bad. I got stuck on line two, listening to this person bitch for ten minutes about how she had been thrown about the phone lines. Nice.

In other news, funny story today: I traveled to the front building to run said payments mentioned above. James came over to give me some tabs for my all time favourite Jimmy e.w. song: If You Don't, Don't. I am currently learning to play this on my guitar. I was going over the tabs and one of my reception girls came over to nose. She looked at the tabs and said: "Oh, are you going to learn this Johnny Eat World song?'

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Yes. Lyrics by John Adkins. <3


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