"I Want to Sing..To Sing My Song.."

Tonight is Travis! Excited to see them again. An old concert buddy, Brian will be meeting us at 930 Club to hang out. Should be a good time. It always is! I don't know of a set list. I can usually tell you the entire set list to a Jim show before I attend but anyone else..I'm clueless. Here are a few favourites I am hoping to hear tonight:

Selfish Jean
My Eyes
New Amsterdam
Pipe Dreams
Flowers in the Window
Blue Flashing Light
Writing to Reach You
As You Are
Drift Wood
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

It's going to be a long night. I have issues sleeping so I am estimating that I would normally be up at the time I get home tonight so why not go into work at my normal time? I have never been one to do this. Even though I have such difficulties sleeping I really feel like I want it and need. I have never been one to stay up all night or go out really, really late and then rise early. I can't do that. I guess sleep and myself have a love/hate relationship. Either way, this should make for an interesting night and an interesting day tomorrow.

*Blog title- Turn by Travis


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