I Left My Heart in St. Leonard

I got to meet all of the pups yesterday. I was so excited and happy to meet them! I fell in love with Daddy pup! He is beautiful and has a wonderful tempermant :) He would surely get sick of me giving him constant hugs and smooches! The owner of all of the pups seemed like a truly, geniuinely sweet girl. She really cares about her animals, they are her life and she was so informative on even the basics of everything so I felt comfortable asking her silly questions. She even let me give Daddy and Mommy pup a treat! She offered to let us all come back in a week or two to visit the pups again. Such a lovely girl!

I really loved this one female pup who was just the fattest, little, round chunk! A face of a little angel! I went in, thinking if I were to get a pup I would like to get a male, but she is making me rethink things. The male I liked has daddy markings but may be longer hair like mommy pup. I would really like a pup to look like Daddy 100% so now I am just torn!

Plus, I would love this..I just don't know. I really need to think about it. Until then here are some pics of the babies!
The male pup I like

My friend Russ went along with me. He is def. getting a pup. This is the little lady he chose!


B April 10, 2009 at 2:46 PM  

Gah! So so so cute! You should pick up the book, "The Other End of The Leash" by Patricia McConnell.

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