"..I Am But One Small Instrument.."

To summarize my weekend: I finished Edgar Sawtelle. Very sad to be done with it. I find that I grow quite attached to some characters in books. Especially those who are well written. It was an amazing book. I'm excited that my friend B over at You Take The Cupcake is reading. Can't wait until she finishes <3

My brudder came over to stay the weekend. We went to pick up Number 4 from Hunan Star and on the way home I had to go through a giant maze of a detour. I live near a beach community and the infamous "Tiki Bar Grand Opening" was this weekend. This draws EVERYONE out! Causes mass confusion, traffic and ignorance for miles! I detoured around this mess and ended up getting stuck in an accident traffic for an hour! One hour. I exaggerate not my friends. I was surprised to see that a car full of boys in front of me in traffic were partaking in alcohol in their vehicle! I couldn't believe this! I mean, I know people do this sort of thing but I have just never seen it. I am terrified of drinking and driving. It's not for me and I just don't get it when folks do this. It's so very dangerous. Hubs was stuck in the same traffic but he was a mile ahead of me. He text me to inform me that some younger folks in the car in front of him were also partaking in some beer. Ha ha..craziness. Guess they couldn't wait for the bar.

Saturday I went to see 17 Again. I loved this movie. I know they have made this a million times over, 13 Going on 30, Big, Freaky Friday etc. The thing is: I love all of those movies so I figured this one would be no different. Plus it has Zac E. in it. He is sooo pretty <3
Saturday night Hubs and Brudder had a fondue festivity. I am not a fan so I just ate some veggies and played Scene it on the XBOX 360 and let them chime in when I was stuck on answers. It was a good time. Sunday I escorted my brudder home. I had every intention of stopping at this beautiful old church in Historic St. Mary's. It was built in 1812. It's amazing. I wanted to photograph it. I usually make mental notes of areas I want to shoot and this one has been on my mind for over a year I have just never made time to do it. It's so out of my way. This day was the perfect opportunity. Plus the weather was amazing. I blasted Clarity by Jimmy Eat World and put all the windows down. There is nothing like a country road with scenery, Jimmy Eat World, beautiful weather, no place or time to be, just you and your thoughts. Amazing.

In the end I had a malfunction with my camera and couldn't take pictures but I have a plan of going back. Hopefully next Saturday, if weather permits. All in all, nice weekend. I hope everyone else has a weekend as lovely as mine.


Sue April 20, 2009 at 11:33 AM  

The kiddo wants to see 17 Again, and we'll probably go this coming weekend. I like those types of fun films too :)

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