Creep of the Day

Just a few things of note for today.

In two days I will be attempting my first visit to the district since the infamous "B and E". I will be visiting the 930 Club to see Travis, a band I love, love, love. I usually see Travis everytime they come around, which is not saying much because they don't visit often. Needless to say, will NOT be parking in the same spot as the infamous "B and E".
Hope they play Blue Flashing Light.

To whoever goes to the copy machine and sets it to three shades darker and to make 100 copies, front and back of an item.
Don't be such a giant Jackhole. Hit CLEAR or RESET when you are finished sucking the life out of the machine. I get so frustrated when I go to make one copy of a reciept and it starts printing like mad. It always makes about 5 copies when you finally realize whats going on and you hit Cancel and clear to stop it but it waits until it makes about 10 copies to actually cancel the job.
Thanks a lot Asshats. Mind your manners, so I can mind mine.


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