Yeah, I'm Late...So What?

This weeks Ten on Tuesday was the Ten Songs You Hate. Pardon my tardiness but without further ado:

Top Ten Songs I Hate:
In Random Order

10. Anything by The Bee Gees. Worst band ever. My hell consists of Bee Gees music

9. Jimmy Buffett. 'Ef the song..this man is the worst.

8. Bruce Springsteen. *wince* Sorry Jim. I just don't get the big brew-ha-ha. So what? He's working class? yeah, he still makes way more amounts of money than I and he's got that old guy, scruffy voice thing going for him. See Number 6 as reference.

7.Viva Voce-Sorry again Jim. Any band that wishes me physical harm..It's over.

6. Anything by Nickleback, Hinder, Daughtry..old men, scruffy voices. It's like the new wave southern rock. All these "hard rock" bands. I hate them.

5. Werewolves of London by Zevon

4. Shake It-Metro Call-sorry Amber

3. Follow Me-Uncle Kracker. Why??

2. Heya-Outkast

1. Steal My Sunshine-Len


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