"No Time To Say Goodbye, Hello, I'm Late, I'm Late, I'm Late.."

Friday Reasoning: Reasons I Need to Work On This:

I have a revolving door issue with myself. I tell myself each week that I will start over and really try to fix this about myself. This problem has been there forever and has almost become a personality trait of mine. It's called Lateness.

Yuppers. I am late. All the time. For everything. My intentions are there, I wake up early, I prep myself for the day in a timely manner I just can't manage to arrive at any destination at the time I set up. I am about ten minutes late every single day for work. This is not a good thing! Whenever I set up to meet my friends or family they always make a random comment about how I they will get their ten minutes after the time I say because I am never on time. This makes me sad :(

I am not proud of this. I don't know how to remedy this. I have tried setting the clocks fast, but that doesn't really work because I know in my mind they are fast so I have that comfort level and some times this actually makes me later. It's odd because I like to have schedules and organization. I think the issue is I go to leave and then I start doing fifty other things that I know need to be done and I try to just do a few of them in order to maintain organization and then before you know it: "hey I was supposed to be walking out of my house ten minutes ago".

I don't embrace this side of me and I really need to start working on this. Any ideas??



catlady 7 March 28, 2009 at 12:08 AM  

try to only concentrate on where you need to be and only work on that, thats what I try to do.

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