"I Think Theres Something You Should Know.."

Ahhh, this day..The day of the year everyone of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes and genders like to think it's perfectly acceptable to get smashed on a Tuesday and work the next day. I don't mind folks that celebrate SPD, its just this along with everything else becomes a giant thing that you have to do or you are not normal. Exclusivity comes into play, because I do it everyone must do it and/or want to do it. I have such an issue with this, it is a reoccurring theme in my life. My motto for life in 2009: "Do what you do but don't expect everyone else to do it".

I awoke this morning not even realizing it was SPD. I am wearing a black scrub top with pink, silver and purple stars on it, khaki scrub pants, black and grey new balance, a purple headband with little silver stars on it and purple star ear rings. Not a hint of green. I don't actually think I own anything green anyway. Its a lovely color, I just can't really pull that one off so why try? I received a Tweet on the ride in from Kane in the morning wishing everyone a Happy SPD. This is when I knew. ha ha. Great. So arrive at work and about 35 folks asked me where my green was on my outfit and they all did the outstretched hand as if they were going to pinch me. "The Intruder" actually gave me an "awww..do you want to borrow something?" Yeah, No..

Seriously folks? Everything about me screams why I don't celebrate St. Pat's Day. I'll list them in case you are in wonderment right at this second:

Number One/A: Olive skin, dark brown hair, I can "makea da sawce"

Number Two/B: I'm sure there is Irish heritage somewhere in my family, as in every ones, these days everyone is just a mish mash mut-if you will-but this holiday, along with others, were never celebrated as a child because it wasn't prevalent. Therefore, why would I celebrate it as an adult?

Number Three/C: I am not a drinker. I will have the occasional glass of wine, mayhaps some Sangria during a BBQ but drinking, bars, getting smashed-Not me. I like to be in control and remain intelligent and coherent at all times. Nothing about alcohol is appealing to me. I'm over it. Equating to: No, I do not want to go drink beer as thick as chocolate ice cream until I make bad decisions and have to sleep in my loo overnight because it's a day you know nothing about historically except that folks wear a green sweater or a green headband with shamrocks springing off of them.
ps. "The Intruder" is currently wearing these and looks like a GIANT sketchbag.

Number Four/D: Because I just don't dammit.
So, the next person that threatens to pinch me, seriously, I'm gonna threaten to kick them in neck. Mind your manners folks and I will mind mine *wink*



The Mrs. March 17, 2009 at 3:15 PM  

just so you havent lost all faith in me I'm not wearing a hint of green today. Nothing, nada, a black tee shirt. I have green but well I just didnt feel like wearing it. I did buy the boys cute shirts but they say Mom's lucky charm on them. Too cute and well with a last name like ours you gotta get a little into the holiday. I dont get the need to eat disgusting irish food or drink in excess either.

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