"..The Haze Clears From Your Eyes On A Sunday.."

This weekend was eventful. Rainy, but eventful. I finally, finally, finally got new tires on Gerard (my Jetta, yes, he has a name..I name everything). It was long overdue. I went to the Walmart to get them done and I felt like I was at the MVA. What a show! I had to stand in a long line in order to be told what line to stand in only to stand in that line and then be told I was in the wrong line! What a mess! It took several hours because Walmart = Insanity lately so my parents were kind enough to come hang out with me. We had a nice lunch and then went shopping at Ross:Dress for Less (*cough, cough, this always makes me think of COM 1020-leanne).

I always have a good time at Ross. They have such cheap prices and such great products. The Ross in my town is really nice and clean and organized, not like the Dorf Ross (Oh, you Merryland-ers know what I'm talking). I can literally spend hours in there. My dad had a blast! He probably did five laps around the store just looking for the right thing and getting in the nooks and crannies of the shelves! My kind of shopper!

My poor mother was being tug of war'ed both ways. I needed a new bag and who knows what my dad needed opinions on. I had to explain the etiquette of proper bag shopping with ladies. You always follow close behind said shopper, focus and always be ready to offer opinions.

I kept finding bags and I would pick them up and say, not looking to see if Ma was around, "What do you think of this one?" and when I got no reply I would look about and Ma was no where to be found. It was pretty funny, here's crazy penny talking to herself!

After we arrived back at the Walmart I still had another hour to kill before Gerards tires were completed. I had to do some minor grocery shopping so I ended up in the office supply section. I promised Amber I would go cute stickie/pens shopping with her but I couldn't help myself. I got the most darling heart and star stickies and picked up some new highlighters since my job doesn't like to supply me with anything that I remotely need. I felt bad about picking the stuff up without her and this morning when I arrived at work I showed her my findings and she was so excited about them I felt even worse. I think she should just go ahead and move in next door to me so whenever I am ready to shop I can just yell out my window for her. This hour commute between us isn't working out and they way we random shop at stores and make constant AC Moore visits it is crucial for proximity!



The Mrs. March 16, 2009 at 2:44 PM  

umm your right the dorf ross is disgusting. I always feel like I need a shower afterwards and an excedrin.

I can totally picture your dad going wild in Ross and your mom just fluttering back and forth between you too. Ah good times with the folks. I dont think I could drag my dad into a Ross. Or any store that didnt sell electronic equipment. He wuold just sit outside on the sidewalk or something.

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