"Gotta Take What You Can These Days.."

So strange today...I am coming off of an awesome weekend. Relaxing, fulfilling, I got a ton of things done, I slept well last night-didn't wake up in an Ambien hangover this morning, yet I still just feel blah today.

The weekend was amazing for the following reasons:

Number One/A: Friday night, although alone, I cleaned my house spotless in record time. I showed up not feeling it but once I got going I was a cleaning machine. I also got to enjoy a good phone call with someone special who I had not talked to in fifty-eleven days!

Number Two/B: Despite being tired Hubs arrived home semi-early when I was just finishing up and he offered to escort me to the local Walmart so I didn't have to go food shopping by myself the following day.

Number Three/C: I pre-ordered Twilight, the double disc set from the most amazing Blockbuster lady in the history of Blockbusters. Seriously, I love her. Some people you just love right away for no particular reason. Well, she is one of them.

Number Four/D: Saturday I went to IKEA and got to dream about my dream library and dream craft office.

Number Five/E: I bought the coolest metal strips for my craft table wall to put up blue prints. I also found some particular jars I had been looking for, got some prices on a sofa and I also purchased a Five foot long crocodile for the back of my couch. Seriously folks. It's taller than me so it's mayhaps a little longer than Five foot.

Number Six/F: I had the most amazing lunch ever. An Ikea Hot Dog and a soft pretzel and a fountain drink. Heaven...I'm in heaven...and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.....

Number Seven/G: I had a touch decision to make upon returning to the dorf. Do I go to AC Moore to find some craft supplies I have been in need of or brave Michaels closer to home. Sometimes Michaels is so much more expensive. I decided to try it and I found the most amazing stamps in the dollar bins. Exactly what I needed at amazing prices. I have a new found respect for Michaels.

Number Eight/H: Had a nice visit and catch up chat with Russ in preps for house/cat sitting this week.

Number Nine/I: I purchased a small cactus. Just because.

Number Ten/J: Arrived home at a decent hour, feeling like I accomplished a ton of things, worked on a craft I have been planning for a few weeks, got quite a bit done.

Number Eleven/K: Had a wonderful nights sleep had a great breakfast prepared by hubs, watched Twilight extra features and went to the cinema to see a film I have been wanting to see since Friday.

Number Twelve/L: Sleep well, woke up easy, nice drive in to work, set up my cactus, am currently having the greatest cup of Maxwell House and my therapist cancelled our session that I really didn't feel like attending today.

Number Thirteen/M: Will be picking up Number Four for dinner this eve

So why do I feel so low?



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