Friday Reasoning..

It seems that for the past few Friday's I have been doing a "Reasons I Love" post. So to keep with tradition and because I like repetition and because change makes me anxious: Here it goes:

Reasons I Love, Love, Love *Amber
-We both love cute stickies, markers, crayons, pens, anything
-Mutual love for Five Below and pointless shopping
-Doesn't drink Coffee or smoke but willingly, always hangs out with me when I do either, just to hang out
-We both love to craft and we both love the SAME type of crafts
-Dream job: Wedding Planner
-Organization makes us happy
-She has filled her computer with Jim stickies from the "Great Jim Song Count of 2009"
-She still rocks hand written letters and loves to receive them
-She has adapted to my use of the word "guy" to anything and everything. Noun/verb/adjective it works, try it. She has and uses it frequently now.
-She tolerates my several nicknames for her
-We both love, love, love to SING and SING loud
-We are both sentimental
-Road Trips for no good reason but just to drive and sing and have fun!
-She doesn't mind when I have to take 3 breaks from excitement when telling Jim stories
-She doesn't find my love for the Jimmy Eat and all things Jim, at all bizarre
-I feel like she doesn't ever pass judgement on anything crazy I do or say..hard feat to pull off
-She does the running man on cue and does not find it odd that I do as well
-She sets her self up, daily, for "Thats What She Said".
-We both have similar theories on Coats and creepy girls *cough, cough*
-I don't feel like I have to hide anything when I complain, she usually just feels the same way
-She has accepted my clumsiness and still opts to go into public with me
-She understands the whole "short" thing, along with Capri's and clam diggers and etiquette on short folks.
-We seriously just "GET" one another. We are one in the same. Its scary.
-She's just incredibly, awesomely, RAD. I love her.
-I don't feel like I have to be someone else around her, just silly, crazy, insane, childish ME <3

I feel like there are a million other reasons but I just can't think of them right now...By the way, this is another reason I love, love, love Amber..she just "gets" this about me and is cool with it. So to my little Princess Ambrosia-I heart you!! <3


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