Apparently today I am the talk of the town! A few weeks ago Amber and I went scrub top shopping. I found the cutest black scrub top with hot pink strips on the sleeve and a silver pussy cat on the pocket! I was so excited. It was darling! I like the black and hot pink combo and I love cats so it was sold right away!

I finally got around to wearing it today and about ten nurses were at the nurse station when I was doing my rounds. They stopped me to admire my new scrub top. One of the girls asked where I got the top and why I was wearing it. I simply told her: that I like cats and it was cute so I bought it. At this reply everyone started cracking up as if I had just told the funniest joke in the world. I waited for the laughter to die out and asked what the hell was going on and I was informed that my scrub top is apart of a line of clothing called Baby Phat. An urban line of clothing, none the less. Anyone who knows me knows that I am the farthest thing from urban. I don't have an urban bone in my body.

I got the normal: "you're too cute" reply and proceeded to get "looks" in the hallway all morning from other nurses just figuring out that I had some urban love on. I feel the need to explain myself to anyone who stares for longer than usual so it just turns into an awkward mess. I told Amber that I thought I was urban enough to pull off the scrub top. She laughed. Really loud..and for a really long time..ha ha. I like my scrub top, it's cute and I think I pull it off nicely. I guess it won't be too bad when I wear it again since the initial shock has worn off.

I know I am the radest girl you will ever meet but I didn't know I was that cool. I mean look at me: Do I scream urban with my piggie tails and pink headband??


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