This Is A Song Called Work...

Today has been an adventure at work. I have had so many miscellaneous items thrown my way its maddening. I have many duties at work. Accounts, Accounting and Balances, Medical Coding, Book Keeping, Deposits, IT, among other things that are not relevant to this post. On occasion I am forced to speak to a patient of our medical facility. Usually for re-coding and resubmitting, payments on accounts and as of late, since our phone ops were not taught to update insurances for patients I have had to take a few of those calls. So about a half hour ago Winston told me she had a patient on the phone who was calling to give his new insurance number. She had read him his current ID number on file and he said it had changed but she was unsure how to go about changing it in our mainframe. I told her I would help out and update his account. I pulled up his information and told him I was going to read him the information we already had on file.

Me: We have ID number 1234-109876 on file sir.

Patient: Oh, well it's changed

Me: Whats the new ID sir?

Patient: It's 1234-109876

Hmmm....Doth my ears deceive me Good Sir??

Did you have to read through that twice? It's okay, I understand if you did. He, in fact, gave me the EXACT same ID number I had just read to him. In fact, the phone op had also given him that exact ID and he still insisted that it was different.

I don't ask anymore folks. Go with God



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