Peeve List

The infamous Peeve List will become a regular on this blog as it was on my old blog.
I need get a few of these out of the way.

Yellow Cars
I can't really explain this peeve. It is what it is. I don't understand why anyone would voluntarily go to a vehicle dealership and say: "Hey! Give me the yellow-ist car you got! I'm talking mustard here!". Aside from the awful color these cars are just always the ones that are causing mayhem when on the road. They have become more plentiful since last years big car color appeared to be mustard yellow. So with this said: I really have no reason..I just hate a yellow car.

The Recap
Why folks? Why? On telly, with DVR's and re-run after re-run for a weekly show is it really necessary to recap SO much? Especially with half hour shows..and reality shows. How many times will you see reality show clips anyway. American Idol is infamous for this. I want to meet one person who says to me: "You know what? Thank Heavens for that Recap last night!! Whoooo! I was lost".
The game show Lingo also does this to excess, only they don't even wait for a commercial break to recap..they just recap randomly. Drives me insane.

Club Cards
I am a fan of certain club cards..the ones that actually have a system of you noticing a saving on purchases because of it, or the cards that add up points and give you coupons back. At first this craze started with just Food Lion (for you east coasters) and Safeway. Now everyone has one and half of the time I can't find the benefits of the said cards. I really peeve Borders. They are huge club card pushers. They will all but beat you down at the register for not having a card. I have tried everything..I don't come here that often, I don't have one, I forgot mine..they just keep going and going. At a Barnes and Nobles in Annapolis (I live hour and half away from Annapolis) I stopped in to pick up a paperback. The girl at the register started badgering me for a club card. I told her I didn't live near a Barnes and Nobles and I was just in town for the day and she got pissy with me and gave me some long winded speech on how she was just trying to do her job...blah, blah, blah. Wow, seriously. If a customer says they don't have a card or they don't want one. Drop it folks. Really. Get over it.

Long Receipts
This is the latest phenomena! At a recent visit to Best Buy, where I purchased one cd at the price of $9.99 my receipt was a foot and a half long. Why folks? Why do we need this excess paper? I don't track my purchases because I don't use a check book (thank you online banking) but if I did and had to keep said receipt I would be S.O.L. It would be like folding a map of Arizona up and shoving it into my wallet or check book. I could decorate a small child's birthday party with the amount of paper they give you in receipts these days. If I have 102 items, I understand..but a stick of gum does not warrant a 12 inch receipt.

This one is a three-for (pronounced "three-fer)
The Stick Figure Family Sticker
You've seen them. On mini vans in a town near you. Visual? Ask and you shall receive:

Why? I just don't get it and every mom has one. I think since I don't have kids and I don't "get" this sense of camaraderie that mothers have with each other. Do you get the head nod if you have one and another Mommy Mary has one?
I am also peevish about the knock offs of these..I spotted a flip flop sticker. Daddy, Mommy and baby flips. I guess the real issue behind this deep seeded peeve is conforming to the norm. Everyone-else-has-one-so-I-should business.

The Initial Stickers
What is this? Who does this? These are the circle stickers with random initials in it like: BL, DB, I passed one today that said: CI. All day I see random initials. Am I supposed to know what these mean? Does anyone really know what these mean except for the purchaser? My final question: Do they make one that writes: in "ck you"?

The "Drinking is Really Cool" Guy
I work with folks of all ages so I always see this one teenager of a co-worker who stops by to say hello to his mom at times. When talking if someone remotely of his age walks by he immediately goes into the "man I got so fucked up last night" mode. Crazy stories of crashes, police break ups, waking up in random places, vomiting, losing drivers licenses and bad Seriously, drinking and talking about drinking becomes way less cool once you pass the age of 22. That's even pushing it for me. Your alcohol tolerance is not of interest to me and drinking and driving should not be considered "rad" at ANY age. You could kill someone ass hat!

I think I let off enough steam today...


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