"..When You Go I'll Let You Be.."

Greetings and Salutations!
I had a blogger account for about a year and I recently closed it. I wanted to start a new chapter with no obligations or expectations. What a life! No obligations or expectations! I love it.

So to be forward and honest I will say that this site: The Winter of Our Discontent will be a blog of my daily thoughts and bitter encounters. My name is Negative Nelly so be prepared for bitterness from time to time. I find that I am easily annoyed and I like to have a place to come and reflect on these situations. Blogger has always been a nice outlet for that.


Now that we have that cleared up I will list some key elements about myself. I am 27 years of age, married with NO kids and no intentions of having them. I have a BA in Psychology but am currently in Accounting at a Medical Facility. (Accounting by default equates bitterness). This makes a lot of sense doesn't it?

I am in complete and total love with Jim Adkins. I think he hangs the moon and is a lyrical genius. Jim is the frontman of Jimmy Eat World, of which, I am a number one superfan for years!

I love art in general and feel most comfortable when in its elements. I LOVE music and am always listening to something. I play the guitar and lend my writing and vox to a local band from time to time. I love writing music, singing and playing guitar. I relate everything in life or happenings to a song lyric. My life is one big song! In fact, you will notice that the majority of my blog titles will be an excerpt line from a song. I will identify all songs at the end of each post, in case you are wondering.

I am always reading a book or writing something, I love character novels and independent films. I also love to craft. I am most at home when I am being creative.

I think these are the main elements that make me, me. I have officially been summed up!



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